You Can Buy Liv Morgan's Whip From WWE WrestleMania 38.... For Over $10k

It'll now cost you way over $10,000 for this piece of 'Mania memorabilia.

WWE WrestleMania 38 Rhea Ripley Liv Morgan Batman Catwoman

Fancy adding Liv Morgan's whip from WrestleMania 38 to your memorabilia collection? If so, you'll likely need to stump up at least $11,000 to do so.

This item was listed for auction on on 7 April, with said auction due to end later today. As of this writing, the current winning bid stands at $10,671.99 and there's approximately seven hours until this auction ends.

For those who watched 'Mania 38 last weekend, the whip is the one taken to the ring by Morgan as she and Rhea Ripley unsuccessfully challenged for the Women's Tag Team Titles in a four-team bout for the gold at that point held by Queen Zelina and Carmella.


The reason for Liv having a whip with her at this year's Showcase of the Immortals, that's because she and Ripley were paying tribute to Catwoman and Batman, respectively.

As for the auction listing for this item, describes Morgan's whip as:

"You are bidding on the whip used by Liv Morgan during her Entrance at WrestleMania 38. This whip was autographed by WWE Superstar Liv Morgan backstage on 4/4/22 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. This will not ship until 4/25/22. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery."

There have been 41 bids on the whip so far, with the opening bid being just $1.

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