You’ll Never Get 100% On This History Of The WWE Draft Quiz

Can you remember which WWE Superstars were sent where and when?

Batista Teddy Long

WWE SmackDown’s move to the Fox network is just around the corner and the company recently confirmed the speculation that this will be marked with a new WWE Draft.

Pencilled in for the second episode of the new SmackDown era on October 11, and the following RAW on October 14, this edition of the draft will attempt to re-establish the Brand Extension, which has fallen into somewhat of a grey area since the Wild Card Rule was introduced earlier this year. Equally importantly, it will also set up the blue brand with a roster designed to put them on equal footing with the self-confessed A-Show going forward.

It is an intelligent ploy by WWE to create excitement about SmackDown’s reboot as the draft typically generates much anticipation among fans and often delivers moments to remember, whether in its legimate sporting guise of 2002, or the more random nature of recent past.

So how much do you remember about the times when WWE has shaken up its Superstars?

You’re on the clock. Go.

1. Who Was The First Invididual In WWE History To Be Drafted, At The 2002 Brand Extension?

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