You NEED To See WWE's New Mick Foley Collector's Box

WWE Shop just dropped a limited run of must-have (exclusive) Mick Foley merch.

Mick Foley WWE Shop

WWE Shop just launched a new 'Collector's Box' stuffed full of Mick Foley merch.

This must-have treasure trove for Foley fanatics is priced at $54.99 and is limited to just 750 units. That means you'll have to act fast if you want to get your hands on some exclusive pieces of merchandise that may never see release again.

750 buyers will receive a unique 'Love Shack' gift box designed to look like the set of Dude Love's chat show. Inside that, WWE will offer a 'Faces Of Foley' t-shirt, a Mankind vinyl figure, a mini centre plate for the classic Hardcore Title, some Dude Love sunglasses (inside a quirky 'Mr. Socko' bag), an exclusive Mankind enamel pin, a Cactus Jack drinks sleeve, a gorgeous “3 Faces Of Foley” art print (pictured above) and a Mankind keychain.


None of these items will be sold separately, so anyone who fancies that vinyl figure or art print will have to purchase the entire box.

Side note: Hilariously, WWE's own press release for the 'Collector's Box' noted that every single one of Mick's famous characters had a tendency to always "go one step too far". Did Vince McMahon write this?

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