You Won't Believe That This Match Almost Happened In TNA

IMPACT Wrestling wanted to book this mega-match back in the old TNA days.

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IMPACT Wrestling/TNA

Mick Foley has revealed that he wanted to wrestle Hulk Hogan when both were working together in TNA.

The legend, speaking via his 'Foley Is Pod' show, said he wishes he "had stuck around long enough to have a match" with the Hulkster. Mick joined TNA in September 2008, but left in June 2011 - that means he could have worked opposite Hogan, so his 'should've stuck around' comment might confuse some.

Being fair, Foley himself has acknowledged that he's sometimes chronologically confused about things from his iconic career. That makes sense due to all the bumps and knocks he's taken over the years, so fans will cut him some slack for getting dates mixed up.


Mick described working two promo spots in-ring with Hulk as "a pretty fricking big deal". He said there are "two types of people in this world"; "those that acknowledge being in the ring with Hulk is a big deal and those that pretend it isn’t".

He won't pretend that he didn't want to work a match with Hogan though. TNA just never gave that scenario the green light.

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