You Won't Believe What King Woods New WWE Crown Looks Like

Xavier Woods got a brand new crown for his 'King' gimmick on WWE SmackDown.

New Day Kofi Kingston King Woods Crown

WWE introduced a brand new crown for King Woods on SmackDown.

Fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston appeared in a backstage skit with hangers-on like The Viking Raiders, Drew Gulak and Ricochet before the company cut to an ad break. In essence, they teased the reveal; then, when SmackDown returned, they brought Woods in for the big moment.

The crown is...rather large. Too large, in fact, for Xavier's head. That makes for a strange visual, because the thing sticks out on either side of his skull. It actually looks more like he's wearing a 2D shape than a 3D object. Maybe that's what they were going for - maybe Woods himself wanted to look like a Super Mario character, or something.


Whatever the case, the crown looks like it's here to stay, and he needed a new one after Roman Reigns and The Usos had smashed up WWE's 'King Of The Ring' original anyway.

Xavier's new headpiece has a decided unicorn horn shape, and there's a giant "X" right in the middle. It's certain to split opinion amongst fans for weeks to come, but Woods himself looked happy wearing the thing.

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