You Won't Believe When Dakota Kai Found Out About Her WWE SummerSlam Return

Think Triple H had this WWE comeback all planned out? Yeah, not quite.

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Dakota Kai has told Today FM that she only found out about her sensational WWE return at SummerSlam "a day before" the event.

Yes, comeback queen Dakota didn't know she'd be returning for definite heading into SummerSlam week. In fact, WWE didn't properly tell her what was happening until approx 24 hours before the pay-per-view actually went live.

That's insane.


Kai described her weekend as "a whirlwind", but did also say that she held up talks because she "didn't even know if [she] wanted to do this anymore". In other words, Dakota was on the fence about even launching a company comeback at all.

What was that about insane?


Eventually, the returning wrestler managed to thrash things out with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's creative team before appearing alongside Bayley and IYO SKY. The trio confronted Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch following that pair's Raw Women's Title bout.

Kai found the whole episode "difficult to process" - she couldn't quite believe that she'd gone from NXT outcast to one of SummerSlam's biggest reveals. It'll probably take Dakota some time to properly come to terms with one of the wildest weeks of her entire life.

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