You Won't Believe Who REALLY Invented Rikishi's WWE 'Stink Face'

Rikishi's infamous 'Stink Face' spot came from an unlikely WWE source.

Big Boss Man - Promo

It's the Big Boss Man!

If you ever take a trip down to Cobb County, Georgia...beware of dudes pitching that Samoan pro wrestlers stick their butts in everyone's faces. That's what Boss Man did during a house show match with WWE Hall Of Famer Rikishi back in 1999.

Rikishi told the Domenick Nati Show that his old mate was the first one to take the 'Stink Face' spot during a live event in Mobile, Alabama. The whole thing came about without Rikishi's knowledge - Boss Man took a clothesline and staggered into the corner before falling dramatically.


Then, he encouraged his peer to turn around and shove his arse right into his chops for a cheap pop.

Rikishi was confused at first, but the crowd were right into the spot and he knew he was onto a winner. The whole thing was Boss Man's idea. 'Kish was hesitant too, because he'd been wrestling for approx 15 minutes and "didn't know how [he] smelled back there".


Boss Man was a total trooper though (no jokes) and took the move like a champ. Rikishi later told him that he owed his pal "a lot of money" for coming up with it.

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