You'll Never 100% This WWE Bloody Good Royal Rumble Quiz

Think you can class yourself capable of dumping each of these head-scratchers over-the-top-rope?

Royal Rumble Eliminations

It’s almost the most wonderful time of year (Christmas is alright, too, I suppose) as the hours tick away until 30 hopeful men and women are set to duke it out in the middle of the squared-circle for the honour of probably being thrown into the main event of Night One or Two of WrestleMania 38. That’s if a Deadman or Da Man don’t choose to work in April, of course…

And with an occasion of this magnitude must also come a quiz of equal size, stature, and prestige. Well, have no fear, for WhatCulture has you covered and then some in that department, with a collection of some of the most brain-melting and satisfying questions ever assembled in the name of getting you in the mood for the Royal Rumble.

Think you can class yourself as a Rumble expert capable of dumping each of these head-scratchers over-the-top-rope? It’s time to find out, because the second that Bloody Good Buzzer sounds, it’s your moment to prove that Rumble season isn’t just for January - it’s a way of life, dammit.

So, buckle up and tune yourself into what can only be described as a Bloody Good Rumble Quiz… as provided by WhatCulture Wrestling podcast listener Andrew O'Hara of

1. In Kane's 20 Royal Rumble Matches, Who Holds The Record For Eliminating Him The Most Times?


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