Yukes Teasing WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain Remaster?

An older generation of PS2 gamers just collectively wept...


A tweet fired out by Yukes' game design supervisor Bryan Williams has caused quite the stir amongst those who recall the glory days of WWE's SmackDown series. Knowing full well the mud hole he was about to stomp in fan chests, Williams tweeted that he and co-workers held a "six-hour meeting" discussing ideas for the developer's forthcoming WWE 2K20 offshoot product.

Then, Williams said, "We played a lot of SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain today".

It didn't take long for eager fans to bite and ask Williams whether or not that meant the studio are working on a Here Comes The Pain remaster to release opposite 2K20 later this year. That's what his teasing tweet suggests, and it'd be in line with vice president Hiromi Furuta's claims in May that an alternative wouldn't necessarily be about "chasing money or trends".


This would be a project for the hardcores, and a welcome one. HCTP's smooth, arcade-ish gameplay was a hit back in 2003, and it'd cause several old-schoolers to wet their pants if it was updated and remastered for the modern-day WWE product.

This is one rumour to keep an eye on.

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