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9 Movie Heroes Who Stupidly Turned Evil For The Sequel

For when you've ran out of all other ideas.
By Padraig Cotter

10 Things You Didn't Know About Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights

Unmasking the horror behind HHNs.
By Jen Gallie

6 Ways Hurricane Irma Impacted Walt Disney World Guests

Even hurricanes want to go to Magic Kingdom.
By Jen Gallie

American Assassin Review: 2 Ups & 8 Downs

Jason Bourne this ain't.
By Jack Pooley

FIFA 18 Demo: 7 Things We Learned

Goalkeepers: still idiotic.
By Jamie Kennedy

6 Things You Need To Know About WWE 2K18 Career Mode

Multiple storylines and free-roaming environments highlight MyCAREER's advances.
By Andrew Murray

Predicting The Endings To The Fall's Biggest Movies

Luke goes dark.
By Jack Pooley

Every Major Xbox One Exclusive - Ranked From Worst To Best

Gears or Halo? Sunset Overdrive has them both beat.
By Josh Brown

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - 10 Amazing Comics To Read While You Wait

Marvel really are hitting it out of the park.
By Ewan Paterson

10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Metallica

“Give me fuel, give me fire, give me facts which I desire!”
By William Boyd

Red Dead Redemption 2: Everything We Know So Far

From cross-platform play to potential Mafia III links.
By Josh Brown

9 Most Discussed Video Game Plot Holes That Will Never Be Answered

Would you kindly... explain how you're apparently only one year old?
By Josh Brown

NBA 2K18: 9 Best Teams You Should Play First

One hell of a summer makes this all VERY interesting.
By Lee Connor

Alter Bridge: Ranking All 5 Studio Albums

Are you ready to Rise Today?
By Scott Banner

10 DC Movie Deleted Scenes You Need To See

You won't believe this stuff was cut.
By Mark Langshaw

FIFA 18: 27 Newcastle United Player Ratings Revealed

Henri Saivet higher than Mikel Merino? Great job, EA...
By Andrew Murray

WhatCulture Extra

Game Of Thrones Season 7: Every Death Ranked From Worst To Best

The enemy always wins.
By James Hunt

14 Awesome-Sounding Video Game Sequels That Will Never Happen

All hope is lost.
By Jack Pooley

WWE Insider Wins $45,600 From $3.36 Accumulator SummerSlam 2017 Bet

Why gambling sites are blocking these types of bets in the future.
By Andrew Murray

The Joker Origin Movie Is JUST Like Darren Araonofsky's Batman: Year One

So, weird, basically.
By Simon Gallagher

Hellboy: Badass First Look At David Harbour's Big Red Demon

Ron Perlman has SERIOUS competition.
By Simon Gallagher

Game Of Thrones: HBO Filming Multiple Endings To Beat Spoilers

Excellent, even more episodes to accidentally leak!
By Simon Gallagher

It: 11 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

They all float.
By Mark Langshaw

Star Wars: Episode IX - 9 Reasons JJ Abrams Is The Right Choice To Direct

He knocked it out of the park last time, so what's to hate?
By Danny Meegan

8 Times The McMahons Took Unnecessarily Stupid Risks

By Benjamin Richardson

FIFA 18 Top 100: 7 Biggest Surprises

Bale's big drop spells disaster for Brits in this year's game...
By Jamie Kennedy

14 Awesome Directors Who Need A Superhero Movie

A Tarantino superhero bloodbath? Yes please.
By Jack Pooley

BoJack Horseman Season 4: 12 Biggest WTF Moments

Never too much of those, man!
By Lukasz Muniowski

Ben Affleck's The Batman Script Was Inspired By David Fincher

The Dark Knight almost played The Game.
By Simon Gallagher

7 Reasons Why Man Utd Will Run Away With The Premier League Title This Season

Jose Mourinho looks to keep up his stunning record.
By Lee Connor