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I'm a writer, a published author, and editor for a small independent publishing house. I'm an award winning producer of independent media, and I get to edit books, screenplays, and comics in my day to day. I love working on independent film & games, during my down time, as well as reviewing films while gobbling down milk duds (it's an addiction, I know). I've been called "Geek-Prime" among my peers for all the fandoms I work in, and I wear that title proudly. It's a passion, and an exercise in my growing profession, to get to write about what I love. Which happens to be a little of everything. But mostly film, comics, horror, games, anime, literature, and life. I do write about academic material, like politics, medicine, physics, and mathematics too. But for the most part, I like to keep things down to earth and simple. Follow me on Twitter & Facebook

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