10 Insane Batman Crossovers You Won't Believe Existed

10. Batman/Houdini

Batman Houdini
DC Comics

While nowhere near some of the crazy crossovers in the Caped Crusaders’ past, this crossover is unique in one unsettling fact: it’s between Batman and a real person.

Sure, Houdini is the go-to example of an escape artist, and sure, if Watchmen can put JFK in their work it’s comparatively completely normal to have an actual legitimate human within a fictional work, but there’s still something incredibly uncanny about the comic as a result of this.

The upside of this is that it is set within the era Houdini himself did, which allows for a fairly unique experience in that it shows the Elseworlds’ Gotham by Gaslight Batman, which is a positive both in that we see a Batman design rarely used, and also as this allows for a more cohesive crossover experience.

Indeed, despite standing out as a real person, Houdini fits well into Gotham and the overall tone of most Batman comics. In fact, for a real person, Harry Houdini suits a fictional universe shockingly well.


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