10 Insane Batman Crossovers You Won't Believe Existed

So, Batman and Elmer Fudd walk into a bar...

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DC Comics/Dark Horse

As a backbone of the comics industry it’s only natural that Batman has a wealth of crossovers with his name on, spanning back through the ages. Combining iconic characters to draw readers has been a tactic since the Golden Age of comics, and has lead to a multitude of well-respected titles; the Justice League, the Avengers and the Suicide Squad to name a few cherished examples.

However, not all crossovers mesh as naturally as in these cases- some because the characters don’t quite fit together, and some because the franchises are tonally at odds. There does exist a last kind, however – the kind that were not strategically put together in order to create an interesting story, but instead were crafted as a sort of lobotomised lovechild of the comics industry, a writers’ bad daydream about the most surreal combination of characters their mind could conceivably create.

There is a staggering amount of the last type of crossover within Batman’s interesting past. It is almost impossible to comprehend seeing some characters placed centre-fold with the brooding Caped Crusader.

But between the wild tag-teams, crazy fights and questionable choices, at the very least none of them can be described as dull.


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