10 Marvel Heroes That Could Join The Avengers After Infinity War

They've got to bolster their ranks somehow...

Tessa Thompson As Valkyrie In Thor Ragnarok

Whether you're prepared for it or not, the next Avengers film - Infinity War - is promising a pretty hefty bodycount. That means that fans will have to start bracing themselves for the possibility that their faves (particularly Captain America), won't be emerging from Thanos' wrath unscathed.

Luck would have it that Marvel have a massive library to draw from to repopulate The Avengers, however, with both current and yet-to-be joining characters already likely being targeted for an inevitable ensemble call-up. And, while it will be a tad sad to see the classic lineup falter and, well, disassemble, Infinity War promises bold things for the direction of the MCU going forward.

It'll be one that's distinctly Iron Man-less, and maybe more cosmic, but whatever direction it does take, the lineup of The Avengers post-Infinity War will no doubt give audiences a clue where things are headed, as will 2019's Captain Marvel (which is also, unsurprisingly, promising to be a very different Marvel movie).

It's clear that Marvel have gone to great lengths to respond to previous criticisms that've labelled their franchise as being overly formulaic, with the presence of multiple genres permeating each and every release the company's been bringing to the big and small screens alike. With the MCU's old guard now set to depart, we can expect other, lesser known superheroes to step into that Avengers roster.

The times they are a changing, but in Marvel's case, that could be a very good thing indeed.

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