10 Most Inappropriate X-Men Storylines

You ever seen a superhero lay an egg?

Marvel Comics

With the X-Men comics having been going longer than most of its fans, there's bound to be some moments in their history that leave you wondering what on Earth the creative team behind them were thinking.

Between accidentally hilarious storylines, entirely cringey love stories and just a sprinkling of absolutely mad new characters, some X-Men moments manage to take what could have been a fairly normal comic, and instead give you one of the weirdest experiences of your life. They often come out of nowhere, too, in the middle of an otherwise totally conventional series, providing you a surprise shot of confusion where you'd least expect it.

As much as these storylines often leave you feeling they shouldn't have been made, you also can't help but enjoy them, as seeing Quicksilver fall in love with his sister - or watching Nightcrawler become the Pope - is so strange that you just can't look away.

They may not be literary classics, sure, but they are entertaining - even if it's only because some stories try and suggest that things like incest are totally okay.


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