10 Most Inappropriate X-Men Storylines

9. Emma Frost And Cyclops Make Out On Jean Grey's Grave - New X-Men #154

Emma Frost Love Triangle
Marvel Comics

Another moment for the ages, there are few fans up to date with the love triangle between Jean Grey, Cyclops and Emma Frost who don't remember the moment Frost and Scott kissed at Jean's grave without equal amounts of confusion and vague revulsion.

There are at least some excuses for this one. After all, Jean Grey did briefly appear to Scott after her death, pretty much asking that he pursue Emma now that she wasn't around.

However, there still is a big old line between pursuing a relationship with someone, and making out with them at the final resting place of your recently deceased other half.

With Emma still being openly rude about the very dead Jean around Scott, you'd at least think you'd discuss the concept of personal boundaries around his dead wife before smoothing her long-term rival.


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