10 Worst Things The Punisher Has Ever Done

10. Traumatises A Child - Red X-Mas

Marvel Comics

When you're tucking into your mince pies and turkey each year, spare a thought for poor old Frank Castle. Crime doesn't take a holiday and neither does he - at least not since his family got dead.

In this 2004 one shot from Jimmy Palmiotti and Mark Texeira, The Punisher is not what you'd call in a Christmas mood and this is made blatantly clear within the first few pages.

It starts with Santa walking the streets outside of Tiffany's, ringing his bell. When he is approached by members of the Napolitano family he asks them to "Help the poor", and when he is turned down with a "Help them yourself", followed by an "I don't believe in Santa", he tells them that they will before pulling out a gun and ventilating them like a fine Swiss cheese.

Right in front of a child.

As the kid clings to his mother crying he asks why, only to be told that they were on Saint Nick's naughty list. Undoubtedly this scars him for life and makes sure he NEVER misbehaves, but jeez.


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