10 Worst Things The Punisher Has Ever Done

Remember that time Frank Castle blew up the X-Men?

Marvel Comics

Over the past 45 years Frank Castle has racked up quite an impressive pile of corpses. From low level criminals to mob bosses and super powered foes, no-one is safe from this one man army. He's killed them all in various and ingenious ways, and when they've refused to stay dead, as is the way with comic books, Frank's just murdered them all over again.

But even though he lives by a twisted moral code akin to Leon's no woman, no kids idea,l there are times when even the Punisher has been responsible for acts that could be seen as questionable at best and downright horrific at worst.

From terrorising children to exploding nukes, the man with the white skull shirt is not afraid to use whatever is available to him to make sure he gets the job done, and though he is justifiable in his actions most of the time (as justifiable as you can be when gunning down people) there are other moments that make you wonder just what screws have shaking loose in his head.

He's a figure that's been revered and reviled in equal measure, but having committed so many awful acts over the years, can we really call Frank Castle a hero?


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