DC's New Gods: Everything You Need To Know

So... what is a boom tube anyway?

New Gods Orion Darkseid
DC Comics

This year is a very good year to be a DC fan, and if the news of Ava DuVernay directing an adaptation of Jack Kirby's New Gods wasn't enough to drive home that point, then, well, nothing will.

But while the other properties that have been adapted for the DCEU have, until now, erred on the mainstream side of things, New Gods - despite its reverence and influence within the comics medium - is still a relatively unknown property. It stands to reason, then, that a whole bunch of fans will be in need of a crash course in the classic Kirby comic, and while that's a task best completed by actually reading it, there are a few basics to get familiar with before fans dive headfirst into either the comic, or the film.

By far the most important thing to know, however, is that any adaptation of New Gods is bound to be ambitious. It's a world unrivalled in both its premise and its vision, and while Kirby's DC creations have made the leap to animation in the past, they're about to reach a whole different audience altogether...

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