Gotham Season 5: Harley Quinn's Origin Explained

A new take on Mr. J's right hand gal.

Harley Quinn Gotham
Fox/DC Comics

With its end in sight, Gotham returned to our screens several weeks ago, as its final season commenced. The latest instalments of the Fox series have been explosive to say the least and, as the show inches closer to its conclusion, viewers certainly have a lot left to get excited about.

We already know that Batman will show up in the final episode, and there are also rumblings of a possible Joker appearance at some point too, but we needn't wait until the last episode to get our first look at a significant comic book character, as the latest episode, Penguin, Our Hero, introduced us to another of the Caped Crusader's best-known antagonists: Harley Quinn.

Harley's introduction comes as a shock to us all, as the character's arrival is something that has long been teased by the show's producers. The initial rumours started way back during the second season, and have plagued Gotham ever since, but now Mr. J's girlfriend has finally showed up in the post-apocalyptic city, and she even got to use her iconic "Puddin'" catchphrase.

In typical Gotham fashion, the Fox series' iteration of Harley Quinn differs quite a bit from what we've come to expect. The character's origin is also entirely original, and doesn't borrow much from previous iterations of the character.

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