Marvel NOW! - 5 Books That Could Be Cancelled Next

3. Venom

VenomCurrently Selling: Around 21,000 copies per month Marvel's new take on Venom - an almost heroic soldier/spy working to redeem himself in the Marvel Universe - was originally met with worry when it launched back in March 2011. However, due to the great writing of Rick Remender, the idea was quickly accepted by the fans and the series starting generating some impressive buzz. Unfortunately, it is another title that over the last few months - particularly after the loss of Remender - has began to lose steam and is now in the cancellation zone. Selling little over 21,000 copies last month and ranking No. 104 it too is in need of a serious boost. However, hope is not lost just yet! Venom (AKA Flash Thompson) will soon be meeting the Superior Spider-Man in a story called Darkest Hours. While it doesn't seem like the story will be a crossover - instead taking place only in Superior - it could still breathe new life into Venom's solo series as Superior Spider-Man is consistently one of Marvel's best-selling titles each month. The saddest part is, Cullen Bunn - current writer of Venom - has not one but two books on this list with the next book also written by the Eisner-nominated writer. However, Bunn too has other projects to fall back on, including his critically acclaimed ongoing series The Sixth Gun published by ONI Press.
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