Marvel NOW! - 5 Books That Could Be Cancelled Next

4. Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider Currently Selling: Around 22,000 copies per month Scarlet Spider is a book written by Christopher Yost and following the adventures of Kaine (Peter Parker's clone) as he tries to reform himself and become a hero. The book had a strong start with its first issue selling over 50,000 copies, however in recent times the book has suffered a serious decline. Last month the book sold just over 22,000 copies and ranked No. 99 in the Diamond Top 100. This unfortunately does put it at risk of cancellation, making it one of Marvel's lowest selling Earth-616 titles. Christopher Yost even mentioned in a tweet recently that Marvel execs have told him that they want to see a rise in sales of his book, which is not a good sign. So how does Yost intend on boosting his sales? He has already announced that Scarlet Spider will feature in his new book Superior Spider-Man Team-Up which may draw some new readers over. However, if this doesn't work then I fear not much time is left for the title. Fortunately for Yost, the cancellation of Scarlet Spider would not be the end. He has his aforementioned new series Superior Spider-Man Team-Up coming out, as well as the next Thor movie - Thor: The Dark World - which he co-wrote the screenplay for.
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