10 Emotional Movie Scenes That Were Unintentionally Hilarious

9. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull - Alien Triumph

Crystal Skull 19What happens? Indy and co. defeat the evil Russians and an alien spaceship rises from the ground and ascends into the sky. Why is it hilarious? Because John Hurt, when being asked if the aliens have gone to space, responds with this golden piece of inspired dialogue, "Not into space. Into the space between spaces." This is an Oscar-nominated actor guys, delivering a line that is so bad it's the only thing I remember about this film that doesn't involve fridges, gofers or bad Russian accents. This film was bad enough as it is, but profound dialogue that's not actually profound, just funny, is too much to take. Temple of Doom wasn't great, but this scene alone makes it look like Citizen Kane by comparison.

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