10 Hilariously Obvious Stunt Doubles Who Ruined Their Scenes

10. The Princess Bride

Princess Bride Stand In

The moustachioed princess from Spaceballs might seem ridiculous, but The Princess Bride actually used legendary stuntman and sword expert Bob Anderson to play both Buttercup and Westley in one famous scene.

In the scene where Buttercup pushes the Dread Pirate down the hill, thinking he has killed her former love Will, only to discover that the Pirate is himself Westley in disguise, the princess throws herself down the hill after him. As the pair roll down the hill, it's painfully obvious that neither of them is the original actors, which isn't all that surprising, but what is a little more shocking is that the "lady" in the red dress has a pretty big secret.

The camera follows Buttercup as she tumbles, leading to little glimpses of the very manly princess, complete with suspiciously chiseled facial features as in the image above. Here's the scene in question, which makes it even more obvious that it's Anderson doing the tumbling for both characters...

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