10 Most Dangerous Cinematic Aliens

10. Fire In The Sky - The Aliens


Based on one of the most famous abduction cases in the world, this Robert Lieberman film depicts aliens as completely disregarding of human life.

While working in a forest near his town Snowflake, Arizona in 1975, logger Travis Walton was allegedly taken by a flying saucer and only reappeared five days later.

The alien species in Fire In The Sky is never named, since the film takes the dramatic angle rather than the science fiction point of view. However, the creatures are merciless, dehumanizing their subjects through violent, vicious experiments and barely leaving the protagonist alive.

The experimentation scenes are vivid and disturbing, far from polished blockbuster effects. They are filmed so as to put us in Travis’s shoes; we can feel his absolute fear and disoriented state of mind throughout his bizarre ordeal.

It is worth noting that, based on screenwriter Tracy Tormé’s account, the abduction scenes were drastically altered and the real-life incident was not as violent as the film wants us to believe.

Still, if Walton was abducted, Fire In The Sky is a testament to entities far beyond our world, whose intentions for humankind are unknown and who might merely be wanting to dissect us for kicks.

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