10 Raunchy Moments Fiendishly Hidden In Disney Cartoons

10. Jessica Rabbit's Commando Shot

A second shot from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and the more infamous of the two included, this rumour deals with the supposedly €œaccidental€ revelation of Jessica Rabbit's special parts in a couple of frames. In the scene Jessica is involved in a taxi crash and is ejected from the car, and while flying through the air, inadvertently flashes herself off, having clearly ignored the old adage that you should always wear clean underwear in case you're in a car crash. Or just some underwear. The scene was discovered when the Laserdisc player allowed viewers to advance frame-by-frame, and as a result the release apparently sold out like hot cakes €“ hot cakes featuring hot cartoon nakedness. This might not actually be the only toon nudity featured in the film. There were also rumours of a single naked frame of Betty Boop being included, and a shot where it looked like the black and white character had suffered a wardrobe malfunction and exposed her breasts to Eddie. Neither made it onto the DVD, though both are frequently spoken about in the folklore of the film. The Explanation Though there is still debate over what can and can't be seen, Disney pretty much admitted that the image was indeed what it appears to be, as a Disney executive spoke to Variety to state that "people need to get a life than to notice stuff like that. We were never aware of it, it was just a stupid gimmick the animators pulled on us and we didn't notice it. At the same time, people also need to develop a sense of humour with these things." The shot was eventually edited out, as in the image below, robbing filthy perverts of a brief moment of realised fantasy and the opportunity to try a danger pause. Are you now convinced of Disney's hidden agenda? Or should the internet just chill out? Share your thoughts below...
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