10 Teased Movies We Need To Admit Are Not Going To Happen

9. Akira

Akira Hero

You can't have any doubts that Hollywood really wants an Akira live-action movie to happen. It's been planned for a long enough time and survived enough changes of personnel while always still floating around the edges to guarantee that. It just doesn't seem to be possible.

When Taika Waititi came on board fairly recently, he looked like the perfect candidate to make it too, particularly with his assurances that he wouldn't be casting white actors or race-swapping anyone for "more marketable star actors." He was making all of the right noises and then out of the blue we get the news that Akira has ben dropped from its planned release slot and Waititi will focus on making Thor 4 instead. Akira is now on hold with whispers of creative differences.

You have to suspect that if Hollywood can't get Akira made with the perfect man for the job who wants to protect the IP, then they'll struggle to get it done at all.

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