10 Ways Star Wars Rogue One Was Almost Totally Different

9. The Dark Backstory For The Death Troopers


While the Death Troopers don’t get a whole lot to do outside of looking cool, they at least manage to do that very well. These sleek death machines are a sinister new twist on the classic Stormtrooper design, and in the original concept art they were even creepier.

When Krennic arrives on the Erso farm in the beginning of the movie, he’s accompanied by these guys, who have noticeably smaller heads than you’d expect to see on the average human being. That’s because they’ve been augmented to remove any higher brain function, making them the perfect soldiers and slightly more terrifying.

This idea was instead reworked into The Decraniated, background servants on Jedha who basically have the top of their heads removed and replaced with computers.


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