10 Ways Star Wars Rogue One Was Almost Totally Different

8. Saw Gerrara's Relationship To Jyn


It’s been confirmed by producer Kathleen Kennedy they had bigger plans for Forrest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrara at one stage, but for some reason, they couldn’t accommodate them into the movie. That might explain why his subplot feels a little off, and why he sacrifices himself for no real reason.

The trailers also show Saw was originally bald throughout, but in the final edit he’s got messy grey hair and a beard. From this footage, it seems his relationship with Jyn is the opposite of how it’s portrayed in the eventual film, where he wants her to get involved and she’s reluctant.

He appears much more beaten and world-weary in the trailers, wanting Jyn to not get involved because he knows the price of rebellion. When Disney ultimately settled on story's direction this take on the character apparently didn’t fit anymore, so most of Saw’s footage was reshot.


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