12 Actors Who Did Career Worst Work In 2017

12. Patrick Stewart (The Emoji Movie)

The Emoji Movie Poop
Sony Pictures Animation

Patrick Stewart has dominated the worlds of theatre, TV and film over the course of a career spanning more than 50 years, so it was pretty damn shocking to see him show up as the voice of the Poop Emoji in this past summer's wretched The Emoji Movie.

To Stewart's credit, he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously when it comes to paycheck roles like this, and at least the role is both small and doesn't actually feature his face, but still, he was undeniably slumming it by even agreeing to appear.

Even the very best actors aren't above making an easy buck for spending an afternoon running lines in an air-conditioned recording booth, but The Emoji Movie? Poop? Really? Couldn't land a part in Despicable Me 3 or something instead?

And everyone thought Stewart would never play a bigger piece of crap than the neo-Nazi from Green Room. At least he balanced it out by delivering one of his best-ever screen performances in Logan.


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