15 Awful Horror Movies That Just Weren't Scary

"Not the bees, not the bees!"

There are countless ways to make a horror movie fail, but above all else, the quickest way to have an audience lose interest is for it to simply not be scary at all. After all, if a horror flick can't even creep viewers out a little bit, what's the point? This total lack of scares can be due to a dull script, poor acting, an offensively low budget, or perhaps a combination of all of the above. Comedy horror films have been deliberately excluded from this list (at least the intentional ones), because they're rarely shooting for truly scary, and horror-thrillers like Saw have also been ignored because it's rarely their intent to frighten, but more to shock with buckets of gore. These 15 movies, however, were attempting to scare up a storm, yet because of their awful direction, shocking characters and in most cases, their laughable screenplays, they just couldn't muster up much audience interest at all. Despite more than a few promising concepts, they squandered that potential with countless rookie mistakes that left them merely as infamous reminders of how horribly wrong filmmaking can go. With several misguided sequels, one unbelievable remake, a needless prequel and some laughably bad video game adaptations, here are 15 awful horror movies that just weren't scary.

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