15 Awful Horror Movies That Just Weren't Scary

15. The Human Centipede

Why It Wasn't Scary: Despite selling itself brilliantly on the idea of a demented doctor, Dr. Heiter (Deiter Laser), sewing three poor saps together from a**-to-mouth, director Tom Six coasts too much on the gross premise without actually developing characters or situations worth watching. For one, it's not actually as disgusting as its premise suggests: the centipede itself isn't particularly graphic, the central victims have virtually no character development whatsoever (which isn't too surprising when their mouths are connected to someone else's a**), the plot becomes increasingly contrived, and aside from its central gimmick, the actual manner in which the narrative unfolds is depressingly familiar. How To Improve It: Focus less on the gimmicky ridiculousness of the operation itself and more on the sadism of Dr. Heiter.

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