15 Best Horror Movies Of 2017

15. Life

Life trailer Jake Gyllenhaal
Sony Pictures

Let's get this out the way first: Life doesn't have an original bone in its body. A space-set horror about an alien lifeform that breaks free, grows exponentially and starts to completely tear apart a space station, neither the premise nor the predictable twists and turns the narrative ends up taking as the film progresses are anything new, but Life approaches these cliches and conventions so confidently that the familiarity doesn't matter.

The actors at the heart of the flick are what sell the terror of the CGI monster, with Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Furguson and Jake Gyllenhaal elevating every scene they're in. There are times where the latter seems like he's phoning it in, but even a bored Jake Gyllenhaal is more captivating than 90% of most actors.

Revelling in atmosphere rather than straight-up jumpscares, Life excels in creating a permeating sense of sci-fi dread that's perfectly capped off by the film's horrifying final moments.


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