15 Reasons Hot Fuzz Is Greatest British Comedy Of All Time

2. The Cameos

We here at WhatCulture towers enjoy a celebration of British-ness, as does Hot Fuzz which throughout gives us a sparkling array of British comics, actors and directors who dip their hands in to the film to add yet more humour and make everyone in the audience go €˜Wow, I know ALL of these people.€™ Be it Bill Bailey shirking expectation and actually being funny as the Police Desk Officer; Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan and Bill Nighy all appearing in the space of three minutes, making us laugh and then never appearing again; Cate Blanchett behind a mask playing Angel€™s recent ex-girlfriend; and Oscar winning, Middle Earth destroyer and helicopter enthusiast Peter Jackson wearing a Santa suit and stabbing Angel in the hand. Each one is perfectly performed, expertly utilised and don€™t have the grand fanfare of some cameos that often deaden the brilliance of them. Even the bloke from the 118 adverts is moderately entertaining...I said moderately.

One time I met John Stamos on a plane - and he told me I was pretty.