15 Reasons Hot Fuzz Is Greatest British Comedy Of All Time

15 people, themes, technicalities and scenes which make it that way...

British Film Registry, a celebration of all films British...With no Jessie J or Taio Cruz allowed. As the furore of debate begins over what just great British films are worthy of selection, I thought I would weigh in with a personal favourite; Hot Fuzz... my pick for the greatest British comedy of all time. Often muted as the uglier, less talented younger brother to Shaun Of The Dead it is my belief that not only is Hot Fuzz superior, but the best Brit film ever in its genre. Here are 15 people, themes, technicalities and scenes which make it that way...

1. The Opening Sequence

The lights come up and Nicholas Angel power walks up to the camera, shoves his identity badge in your face and powers off in a montage that chronicles his genesis as a bad-ass, law abiding police officer. It€™s aggressive; it€™s bold and it thoroughly pumps you up for what is to come. Then it takes a detour down comedy lane as an array of higher ups, stabbing Father Christmas€™ and forensic suit wearers give a pace filled progression of Angel€™s departure from the City to the country. The comedy is fast and entertaining, as is the rest of this no-nonsense opening that introduces the character and the tone of the film perfectly, without sticking around for anything unnecessary.


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