17 Movies That Critics And Fans Just Didn't Agree On

15. Moonlight

Moonlight Film

RottenTomatoes Score: 9.0

IMDB Score: 7.4

Any movie that revolves around LGBT themes, and in the black community no less, is always going to get a certain amount of push-back from trolls and generally hateful types who view it as PC Oscar-bait.

The fact that Barry Jenkins' magnificent drama went on to win the Best Picture Oscar - albeit only just, after that La La Land mix-up - surely only increased the backlash.

Surprisingly, though, Moonlight has only 3.7% 1/10 scores, suggesting the undesirables mostly kept a distance from the movie. Critics, for their part, lavished it with one of their highest average scores of recent years, so it's at least somewhat understandable why some might see it as mildly overrated, even if they enjoyed it a lot.

Does it deserve higher than 7.4 from audiences? Absolutely. It should certainly have a spot in the IMDB Top 250 (which requires around an 8.0 average), but at the same time, critics maybe went a little too gaga for it in retrospect.

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