30 Behind The Scenes Shots That Completely Change The Tone Of Great Movies

27. "E...T...Really...Small"

No one can go through their childhood without crying once at E.T., Steven Spielberg's classic about an alien trapped in 1980s America. The most iconic scene is, of course, the flying bicycle across the face of the full moon, which also provided Spielberg with his logo for Amblin Entertainment. However, the shots of E.T. on the hills against the backdrop of a lighted city provided for some very cinematic visuals. It's not until this guy's large head appears behind E.T. that we get the full scope of how majestic shots like that are achieved. Balding Backdrop Man looks like a giant about to ingest the cute alien that we've come to love, so it's probably best if he just ducks down.

26. Creepy Ewok Eyes

You know, for a film franchise as beloved as Star Wars, fans of the series certainly love complaining about certain characters. Jar Jar Binks, young Anakin Skywalker, teenage Anakin Skywalker, and of course the Ewoks. The half-bear, half-creepy creation of George Lucas has caused many fans to hate Return of the Jedi. While it's certainly true that the Teddy Ruxpin group is somewhat weird, what's more weird is this behind the scene photo of an Ewok actor really amping up the creepy factor. Just look at those eyes, it's like they are staring through your very soul and judging your past sins. Do Ewoks have mind reading powers?

25. Freddy Just Chillin'

One of the most frightening and recognizable movie villains in history is Freddy Krueger, a burnt serial killer who takes revenge by murdering teenagers in their nightmares. He caused many sleepless nights for teenagers who saw the movies back in the 1980s and 1990s and still endures as a box office draw. However, once you remove Freddy from the dream world and slap a comically-large Walkman in his hand, you've officially moved him from the category of Person Who Scares You To Death into the Uncool Uncle category. Robert Englund might be a nice guy and these teenagers probably thought it was cool to hang out with a horror icon, but a Walkman, Freddy? Come on.
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