50 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2018 - Ranked

49. 12 Strong

Warner Bros.

The early year release date might be setting off all sorts of alarms, since the first two months of the year are traditionally where turkeys are put out to roost, but military true story 12 Strong actually looks the business.

The true-life tale follows a task force sent into Afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks to fight the Taliban and is based on Doug Stanton's excellent Horse Soldiers. And on top of that strong foundation, the cast - led by Chris Hemsworth - is particularly eye-catching, with the likes of Michael Pena, Michael Shannon, Trevante Rhodes and William Fichtner all in key roles.

As films like 13 Hours and American Sniper have proved previously, there's still huge appetite for military releases - particularly those banging a patriotic drum - so there'll be an audience. And there are still few cinematic spectacles that can match open warfare, so except lots of thrills that will hopefully avoid the temptation to be empty-headed jingoism.

Release Date: January 19th

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