50 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2018 - Ranked

50. The Meg

Warner Bros

If there's one thing to learn from the annual popularity of Shark Week and the continued, baffling successes (it's all relative, of course) of the Sharknado movies, it's that fans of screens big and small have a pretty deep fetish for the planet's oldest apex predator. We dig sharks just as much as they terrify all holy hell out of us.

That's the strong marketing foundation that the latest giant shark attack movie is based on. The Meg will see a 70-foot finned giant terrorising Chinese scientists and coming up against a formidable foe in the shape of former Olympic diver Jason Statham. That's real-life diving, not just his character, incidentally, so the Stath won't have to channel too much of his method energy into learning to swim convincingly at least.

It's unlikely to win any Oscars, but it might well be THE monster movie of the year.

Release Date: August 10th

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