Alien Covenant Sequel: 10 Things It Must Do

We mostly wants some answers, mostly.


Two prequels down and we’re barely any closer to discovering how the Space Jockey suffered his chest-bursting fate in the original Alien.

Ridley Scott is playing the long game with this one, but at least Alien: Covenant and its predecessor Prometheus kicked off the gap-bridging process and added scope to the series’ universe, despite leaving fans with more questions than answers.

Covenant concludes with the insidious synthetic David heading towards the planet Origae-6 with 2,000 colonists at his mercy and Alien embryos at his disposal, but how we get from this point to the Nostromo’s fateful pursuit of an Engineer distress signal is anyone’s guess.

There are still a dozen loose ends from Prometheus to tie up, the small matter of what becomes of Michael Fassbender’s antagonistic android to reveal, and at least a dozen other unanswered from the series as a whole to address.

Hopefully Covenant’s below-par box office performance won’t deter 20th Century Fox from green lighting another Alien movie because there’s an entire universe of possibilities left for Scott and his creative team to explore.


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