Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Breakdown - 23 Things You Need To See


Avengers Infinity War Captain America
Marvel Studios

The new, full trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is here.

It's been a long wait for the next big look at the upcoming Marvel epic, with the first and so far only trailer coming back in November, which itself was months after people had seen footage at D-23 Expo and San Diego Comic-Con. Since then we've had a Super Bowl TV spot, and a few magazine reveals courtesy of EW, but nothing on this level.

The new trailer, which was teased by the Russos earlier this week and has been rumoured to be coming for what feels like an eternity, shows us more of the movie than we've seen before, although thankfully it doesn't actually give us too much in terms of plot or spoilers.

It's very much a hype-builder and a mood-setter; there's a lot packed into the two-minute run that's destined to be gif'd over and over again, start waves of fan theories about what's going to happen to certain characters, and overall a sense of foreboding that suggests a grave danger unlike any the MCU heroes have faced so far. Which is exactly as it should be, given this is the culmination of everything we've seen so far.

Pulling all that off is no easy task, but the trailer suggests that Joe and Anthony Russo might've managed it. Let's take a closer look...


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