Kevin Bacon: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

Lots and lots of delicious Bacon.

There€™s a very good reason Kevin Bacon has stuck around as long as he has; he's awesome. He€™s played roles across every genre, from rebellious teens to astronauts; super mutants to invisible men. He€™s always shown a willingness to experiment plus he doesn€™t take himself too seriously, which just adds to his coolness. He€™s also become a pop culture icon, having been namechecked in Guardians Of The Galaxy as well as inspiring his own game with Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon. Despite all this, as an actor he€™s shamefully never been nominated for an Oscar, despite routinely stealing movies from flashier stars. His acting experiments haven€™t always paid off though; he€™s made his shares of duds, and when he€™s not completely engaged in a role he tends to go into autopilot. Even when he's phoning it in though, he still commands the screen. He can currently be seen in a supporting role in Black Mass, playing FBI boss Charles McGuire, a part that he typically excel in even despite the very limited screen time. So what better excuse than to dive into his past roles and shine a light on some of his best performances? Plus a few that didn€™t work out quite so well.


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