MCU: 10 Underrated X-Men Who Should Lead Instead Of Wolverine

There’s a lot of talk about Wolverine in the MCU, but it’s not all about him... right?!

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With Kevin Feige teasing mutants joining the MCU and rumours abound of a Taron Edgerton Wolverine, it feels like Marvel won’t be sitting on the X-Men too long after the Disney Fox merger. Though the FoX-Men franchise was deeply flawed towards the end, there were certainly some highlights and things for the MCU to take note of.

There’s also some things to be wary of; Magneto’s backstory no longer really works, for example, while Hugh Jackman feels irreplaceable as Wolverine. Edgerton is a great actor, but if he does get the part, he’s got massive shoes to fill.

Marvel may yet surprise us though. They’re no stranger to doing things a little differently, and they could cycle the X-Men in quicker if they didn’t have to worry about casual audience cooldown from the two franchises. Simply put, they could go for a left field version of the X-Men before bringing in the big guns.

As well as Wolverine, that means Phoenix, Storm, Cyclops, Beast, Mystique, Professor X and Magneto have been ignored here too; they’re hardly underrated. Basically, if they starred in a Fox movie, they’re out. If they only got a minor role or didn’t feature at all, they’re fair game.

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