Shaun Of The Dead Vs Hot Fuzz - Which Is Better?

1. Overall

Hot Fuzz Cornetto
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So, unless my maths is incorrect (which is entirely possible), the final score is:

Shaun of the Dead 4 - 5 Hot Fuzz.

Unsurprisingly this was an extremely close race, but Hot Fuzz just takes the win as the better film. As Wright's second outing, he's got more to play with and is able to take all the skills he brought to Shaun (and indeed Spaced before that) and further hone them, while making a film that's even funnier too. But really, they're both brilliant.

Winner: Hot Fuzz. But also all of us, because we get to watch both of them.

Do you prefer Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz? Have your say down in the comments.

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