The Avengers 3: 5 Marvel Heroes and Who Will Play Them

We all know that there will be an Avengers 3 eventually, and with the news of an Ant Man film…

Daniel Bowen


We all know that there will be an Avengers 3 eventually, and with the news of an Ant Man film directed by Edgar Wright expected within at least the next 3 years, it is a definite that the line-up of Avengers in not only the upcoming sequel, but the third film will be somewhat different than they are today.

It’s my prediction that Iron Man will be killed off in the third film (feel free to disagree) and by this time, another Avenger, for some reason or another will play less of a significant role in the third film of the franchise in order to make way for new characters. By the time Avengers 3 comes around, I predict, that of the core group of Avengers, at least two will be Avengers we have yet to see on screen, and at least another new Avenger will appear in the film somewhere.

Having written two previous articles for WhatCulture looking ahead at the upcoming Avengers sequels (5 Female Avengers We Don’t Want to See and 5 Racially Diverse Avengers We Need to See) I have conducted the following list featuring what I consider are the 5 most likely Avengers we will be seeing in the sequels (some have already been announced) and who are the likely people we will see cast in the roles (based on Marvels previous casting history).

As with my other casting choices (see 7 X-Men that Badly Need Recasting and Who Should Play Them), I’m sure this list will cause somewhat of a controversy, however I am predicting this list will be less controversial than the others have been. But who knows… you tell me.

Here they are, the 5 Avengers we will almost certainly, or at least most likely see somewhere in Avengers 3… and who will most likely be playing the roles.