10 Classic Video Games (That Have Aged Horribly)

1. Myst

Myst PC

Have you ever stumbled upon an old photo of yourself sporting period specific fashion that is now drastically out of date and said "My god...what was I thinking?" If so then you'll know what its like to go back to Myst after all these years.

You can't understate the appeal of shiny and new when it comes to appealing to the mass market, and that's exactly what Myst was in 1993. It was a way to show off the raw graphical power of the CD-ROM format and it blew PC user's minds on the way to becoming the best-selling PC game of all time until the release of The Sims.

That's a statistic that would shock most modern gamers who can look past the game's dated visuals to find only a third rate puzzle adventure game. Myst's story and world are not nearly as grand as the game would have you believe from the outset, and the puzzles themselves are of that annoying design that aims to be as confusing as possible without ever once really approaching "clever" territory.

Many of the games on this list can ultimately be forgiven for being a product of a different time, but the success of Myst compared to the success of far superior similar titles at the time has gross implications on just how susceptible people can be to raw technological beauty else when using their buying power to determine the industry leaders.

In other words: Myst is basically the gaming equivalent of James Cameron's Avatar.


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