10 Final Fantasy Characters Who Almost Ruined Their Own Games

These characters almost made us wish the series’ title were more literal.

Sam Coleman



No matter what happens in future installments, Final Fantasy’s legacy is secured. No other franchise in gaming history could possibly hope to accomplish as many feats as Final Fantasy in a 25 year long reign. Since its inception, the series has become renowned for a sense of innovation; always willing to experiment with gameplay, visuals and story in ways that capture the imagination and draw you into its various worlds.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Final Fantasy’s immense success is the division it inspires within its own fanbase; everybody has their own favourite game; their own favourite character; their own favourite villain… It doesn’t matter how many times people try and classify one aspect of one game as “the best”; others will always be willing to step up and fight the corner of their favourites.

This all stems from the high standard of game we expect from a Final Fantasy release and its these high standards that have perhaps led to a slight diminish within the series. Final Fantasy XIV’s failed launch was seen by many as the first major blunder within the franchise, though others pinpoint the beginning of the series’ demise as far back as Final Fantasy VIII.

All of that is irrelevant though. Even if Square Enix release a dozen failed MMOs, the quality and standard of the Final Fantasy games leading up to it will not be diminished. Still, within these games, there are elements that are slightly off-putting to us as players. With a wide variety of characters and story arcs, you’d expect to be more interested in certain characters ahead of others; that’s simply human nature.

Interestingly though, some characters seem to be placed within the series simply to annoy us. Why else would you introduce “heroic” characters with wildly inflated egos and aggravating personalities? This article seeks to highlight ten characters who challenged us with their appearances throughout the series; characters who annoyed us, upset us or offended us with their pointless ways. Whether it was an annoying personality or habit or an infuriating sidequest which wasted our time, these ten characters should be ashamed for their crimes against us – the players.

Of course, as already stated, this isn’t a definitive list. Everybody’s opinions will be different here so please feel free to disagree and add your thoughts to the comments below; I’d wager that there’s at least one character on this list that everybody can agree on though.