10 Most Overlooked Video Games Of 2016

Sometimes games just don't get the recognition they deserve.

Zero Time Dilemma

2016 was a pretty good year for gaming, VR found its feet, Pokemon came back with an almighty bang and the industry raked in a reported $99.6 billion. Of course, with that much money floating around, the market is fast becoming oversaturated with poor quality, get-rich-quick titles, making it harder than ever to discover those hidden gems.

Fear not, however, devoted gamer, we’ve done the legwork for you and unearthed 10 absolute diamonds from 2016 that you may have forgotten about or perhaps never even heard of. Hopefully they can go a long way towards reinforcing your faith in the world of gaming.

10. Grow Up


A year after releasing the critically acclaimed Grow Home, Ubisoft Reflections returned with a shiny sequel. Entitled Grow Up, the game once again focuses on the exploits of B.U.D. (Botanical Utility Droid) as he cultivates Star Plants in attempt to recover parts of M.O.M., his spaceship.

It’s a simple goal but, given the sheer amount of freedom the player is given, one which can be accomplished in a million different ways. B.U.D.’s world is a vibrant, geometric playground unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and you can climb on literally anything you can get your hands onto.

New abilities, such as being able to roll yourself into a ball, add a layer of versatility to the action and optional missions, which require you to beat checkpoint-based time-trials, provide increased playtime.

Grow Home’s remarkable success must’ve been somewhat of a hindrance when it came to developing a sequel and, understandably, Grow Up didn’t wow the critics in the same way it’s completely original and unique predecessor did. Nevertheless, this is a lovely little addition to the series and, with download prices ranging from £4.79 (XBO) to £6.99 (PS4), it’s well worth its low price-tag.

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