10 Terrifying Unkillable Video Game Enemies

3. Pyramid Head From Silent Hill 2

Which is fine, but that actual, primal terror is a familiar feeling in Silent Hill 2, where players enter a mist-filled town that's otherwise populated by horrible, disfigured creatures whose presence is alerted by the growing static crackle of a broken radio in your inventory, which means players spend a lot of time in rooms and environments where the radio stays silent. That way you know it's safe. At least, that's how most people seem to play it. In Silent Hill 2 you play as James Sunderland, who visits the town to look for his dead wife. Turns out that (SPOILERS) James killed his wife, and the monsters are manifestations of his guilt. Hence the ultimate villain of the town is a dude with huge phallic head and sword. That chases you. And chases you. And no matter how many rounds you pop off at him, he can't be killed. He just keeps coming. Forever. Just like YOUR GUILT. And JUSTICE. And the sleepless nights which follow playing Silent Hill 2.

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