20 Greatest Ever Beat Em Up Video Game Characters

14. Eddy Gordo (Tekken)

Whenever I've played Tekken with someone new to the series, I always tell them to play as Eddy Gordo, because he's by far the easiest, most intuitive character to get to grips with in any fighting game I've ever played. It's not to say that mere button bashing can get you far with him, but he's a great fighter to start with if you don't know what you're doing, as he has a huge margin for error and will allow you to learn the basics without getting your ass handed to you too badly. Some have criticised Eddy for being too easy and "cheap", in that pressing virtually any collection of buttons will cause him to pull off an awesome manoeuvre. The converse of this is that once you fight anyone with a remote degree of skill, Eddy's acrobatic moves require thought and precision to pull off combined with adequate blocking, or you'll open yourself up to massive attacks. I'm firmly in the pro-Eddy camp, and his absurdly OTT move set remains one of the most mind-bogglingly brilliant additions to the Tekken franchise. Due to his popularity, Namco added a female equivalent, Christie Monteiro, in Tekken 4.
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